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Offer Solutions

The best way to write copy for customer acquisition is to connect your business solution with a customer problem. A problem that concerns someone enough to do a search. The main goal of a business website is to gather more customers by converting them from a visit, or several visits, to your website.

Search rank helps get people to your site. Once they’ve arrived, it’s time to enter the conversation. Begin by answering a question, because you are. Your site visitor arrived on your page because they asked a question (search query) of a search engine, or they asked a friend for a recommendation.

Identify the Problem, Present Your Solution

The bottom line is helping people get results. If you present your product or service as a solution, the reader will resonate emotionally. Each page addresses one problem and presents your solution.

  • Keep it simple — even if your product or service is sophisticated
  • Make each piece address one issue
  • Use an image that reinforces your message
  • Use subheadings to guide the reader
  • Explain the benefits in emotional terms
  • Paint a picture — Help the reader visualize the solution you offer
  • Use client experiences, testimonials, case studies to explain how your business brought results
  • Show how you are the solution
  • Return to benefits
  • Ask for an action — one clear action per content piece

Identify the one person, your ideal client, and speak to them. Are they upscale and educated? An everyday working person? A mom? A dad? The spouse who wants a kitchen remodel? The spouse who pays for the kitchen remodel? Keep that target persona, as one individual, in mind as you present your solution.

Clear communication to that one individual gets results. One client had almost immediate results from an article.

I posted the mold blog, and 30 minutes later i’m taking an order to go do a mold sampling for a client who owns a condo and is having problems with the HOA.

Results don’t always come 30 minutes later, but they do take place.

Structure for Clarity

Structure starts with the user experience on your website.

  • Quality images — Have large, high-quality images that are clearly labeled. Make sure they are optimized for fast viewing.
  • Break up large blocks of texts — use subheadings and bullet points to help your reader digest large quantities of information.
  • No large ads or banner ads — Avoid using large ads or pop-ups on your site.
  • Create functional web pages — Do not make your readers work hard to find the information they want. This is important when converting online visitors to customers.
  • Ensure good quality mobile experience — Keep the site fast, lean, and easily readable on mobile devices.

Then structure each content piece whether page or article in a sequence that begins with the problem, works through your solution addressing pain points and the benefits and results your offer. End with a strong summary of benefits and a call to action.

Make sure your beginning and end reflect the basic solution your business presents.

The first and last paragraphs of your page are most important. The opening draws attention, and the finale reinforces your point. So, sum up your opinion and then ask your reader to take the next step. Sometimes, a single clear call to action is all that’s needed to boost response and conversion rates within your content marketing plan. Kayak Online Marketing

Check your call to action (offer) to make sure it matches the solution you present. Don’t bait and switch by offering a solution for one thing in your content and then calling the reader to take an action that does not correlate with the content. For example, if you are a web design service and are writing about creating website visibility match the call to action. Don’t suddenly switch the call to action to DevOps services. You may offer those as well, but that will be a different content piece with its own offer.

Polish to Validate Your Business Acumen

Readers notice small details. Once you feel your content presents the problem and offers a solution, proofread for spelling, grammar, and readability. The cleaner your copy, the better it validates your business attention to detail.

Direct, Clear, and Structured Content

Your conversion results reflect your ability to connect with your reader, guide them through your benefits, paint a picture of the solution to their dilemma, and invite them to take the next step by contacting you.

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